Module TagLib
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AudioProperties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties File File File File File File File Tag Tag Tag Tag XiphComment File File File Frame AttachedPictureFrame CommentsFrame Header ByteVectorList ByteVector FrameList ItemListMap GenreMap FileRef FrameListMap StringList FieldListMap String Item Footer FrameFactory GeneralEncapsulatedObjectFrame Page PageHeader XingHeader Header MPC APE Vorbis ID3v1 FLAC ID3v2 Flac Speex Ogg MPEG WavPack TrueAudio TagLib dot/f_3.png

A namespace for all TagLib related classes and functions. .

This namespace contains everything in TagLib. For projects working with TagLib extensively it may be conveniten to add a usingnamespaceTagLib;

Classes and Modules

Module TagLib::APE
Module TagLib::FLAC
Module TagLib::ID3v1
Module TagLib::ID3v2
Module TagLib::MPC
Module TagLib::MPEG
Module TagLib::Ogg
Module TagLib::TrueAudio
Module TagLib::Vorbis
Module TagLib::WavPack
Class TagLib::AudioProperties
Class TagLib::ByteVector
Class TagLib::ByteVectorList
Class TagLib::FieldListMap
Class TagLib::File
Class TagLib::FileRef
Class TagLib::FrameList
Class TagLib::FrameListMap
Class TagLib::GenreMap
Class TagLib::ItemListMap
Class TagLib::String
Class TagLib::StringList
Class TagLib::Tag