Class TagLib::AudioProperties
In: lib/TagLib_doc.rb
Parent: Object
AudioProperties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties File File File File File File File Tag Tag Tag Tag XiphComment File File File Frame AttachedPictureFrame CommentsFrame Header ByteVectorList ByteVector FrameList ItemListMap GenreMap FileRef FrameListMap StringList FieldListMap String Item Footer FrameFactory GeneralEncapsulatedObjectFrame Page PageHeader XingHeader Header MPC APE Vorbis ID3v1 FLAC ID3v2 Flac Speex Ogg MPEG WavPack TrueAudio TagLib dot/f_3.png

A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties. .

The values here are common to most audio formats. For more specific, codec dependant values, please see see the subclasses APIs. This is meant to compliment the TagLib::File and TagLib::Tag APIs in providing a simple interface that is sufficient for most applications.


bitrate   channels   length   sampleRate  

Public Instance methods

Returns the most appropriate bit rate for the file in kb/s. For constant bitrate formats this is simply the bitrate of the file. For variable bitrate formats this is either the average or nominal bitrate.


# File lib/TagLib_doc.rb, line 253
      def bitrate()

Returns the number of audio channels.


# File lib/TagLib_doc.rb, line 248
      def channels()

Returns the length of the file in seconds.


# File lib/TagLib_doc.rb, line 263
      def length()

Returns the sample rate in Hz.


# File lib/TagLib_doc.rb, line 258
      def sampleRate()